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Bethesda Physical Therapy for Skiers

How Novice and Expert Skiers Can Use Physical Therapy To Protect Themselves On The Slopes

Skiing is often considered one of the most stimulating, adrenaline-charged and life-changing experiences that people can take advantage of. It’s the kind of all-over body exercise that’s enjoyed in the crisp, mountain air, great for the lungs and pleasure for the senses.

Numerous Dangers Of Skiing

But (and, there is a but), it’s also a precarious sport – danger of falling or skiing into a tree or other scenery. Plus, there’s also possibility of other skiers, who may or may not be as skilled as you are.

How To Protect Yourself From The Skiing Dangers

You must take preventive care and protect yourself to ensure you stay safe and uninjured while you enjoy the slopes. One way is to use a properly-fitted ski helmet. Many skiers will also do pre- and post-warmups along with long-term physical training to help them dodge any potential injuries or decrease the impact, and improve their recovery time.

It doesn’t matter what level the skier is, the sport places a significant amount of physical demand on the body; many times it does so without notice. It pushes the joints and muscles past normal operating limits. If a skier is to avoid all this, their limbs must be flexible and tough. This means doing a few workouts that are great for the body more so than yoga is.

A Look At Yoga: How It Helps The Body

If you use yoga to better your body, you know that it can improve its flexibility tremendously. It can also boost your muscle strength and endurance, which are necessary for the demands skiing places on the body.

Now, yoga has numerous varieties – some concentrate on the spiritual aspect instead of the physical one. These won’t be much of a benefit to the sport. Therefore, if you plan on using yoga to better your skiing, you’ll need to look for exercises that involve the Ashtanga, Bikram or Vinyasa.

What Should The Physical Therapy Program Of Skiers Consist Of

A physical therapy program for skiers needs to include a whole body training session, ensuring more importance is placed on the ankles, knees and hips. The exercises should stretch and toughen these joints. In order to ensure maximum benefit, make sure these types of exercises are done three times a week for at least an hour each time.

The majority of skiers know they should do warm-up exercises for 15 minutes before participating in the sport. If the joints, tendons or muscles are not prepared, it heightens their chances of injury. That could certainly ruin a ski trip.

What Your Exercise Should Focus On, What Kinds Should You Consider Doing

Do a search through the Internet for “Skiing Stretches” and you’ll find an array of pre- and post- stretching exercises that can be done. Make sure to put attention on stretching the calves, shoulders, hamstrings and quadriceps. But, your whole body is going to be need cared for.

Besides the “necessary” hot-tub session, consider getting an all-over body massage. If you’ve suffered an injury or sustained a fall, talk with an experienced physical therapist. It doesn’t matter how minute the injury or fall was, there could be hidden problems that are looking to rear their ugly heads later on. A licensed physical therapist or chiropractor can find the issues right away.

When you experience soreness, you should understand that most of it is because of microscopic muscle damage instead of lactate accumulation. Be sure you drink lots of fluid, not alcohol or caffeine, within the first several days to get to feeling better faster.

If you’re practical when it comes to your safety, do exercises before and after the “fun”, you can enjoy it over and over. For more information about physical therapy visit Bethesda Metro Physical Therapy.

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"After several weeks of therapy I no longer have the knee pain and can now tie my shoes while kneeling, something I hadn't been able to do in quite awhile."

- Catherine

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- Miguel

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