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How Bethesda Residents Can Save Their Back While Gardening This Spring

If you’ve ever had a garden, you know it can be difficult to maintain. Your muscles often feel a lot of strain, especially the muscles in your back. It doesn’t have to be like that though. You can give your back a bit of a break while you’re in the garden, using the helpful suggestions below.

  • Warm the back muscles up with a little stretching before you venture into the garden. This is especially important during the colder seasons. Gardening involves a lot of twisting and reaching. Make sure you do some exercises that work those muscles.
  • Keep water on hand and take frequent breaks.
  • If you begin to feel pain, it’s okay to stop and rest. Failure to stop could lead to injuries and make it difficult to do anything in the garden later on.

How The Garden Is Laid Out:

  • Make sure to layer your garden with mulch, making sure there are no bare spots. This ensures that weeds are unable to grow and allows the soil to maintain its moisture. Thus, you don’t have to water near as often.
  • Consider raised flowerbeds, which decrease your need to have to stoop over or bend down. And, raised flowerbeds look good too. There are all kinds of plants you can grow in a raised flowerbed such as vines and other trailing plants.
  • Be sure the flowerbed is narrow so you don’t need to keep reaching over your plants.

What Plants Are Best For Your Garden (and Back):

  • You have less trouble with slow-growing shrubs when compared to annuals or perennials.
  • Have fruit trees growing on dwarf rootstocks, which let you pick the fruit at a sensible height.
  • Use ground-covering plants so weeds are controlled. If you have to weed, your back is going to hurt.

What Kind Of Tools Should You Have and Use:

  • Make sure you use long-handed tools or tools that have extenders to ensure you don’t need to reach as often, if at all.
  • You want sharp loppers and pruners, and be sure to have ratchet systems. It’s far easier to cut and doesn’t put much strain on your shoulders and back.
  • Have a holster for your shears, keeping it on your belt. This makes sure you don’t need to always bend over to pick them up.
  • When irrigating, don’t use heavy watering cans. If you decide to use a can, fill it just halfway up.

How Can You Decrease Your Need To Dig:

During the late fall, be sure you spread manure or fertilizer along with compost on a flowerbed. This ensures the soil can settle before you plant during the spring. You won’t have to dig as much because worms will help with this process by taking the organic material into the soil. The initial digging will level out the soil and get rid of weeds. As time passes, you won’t need to do as much digging.

The majority of gardeners like this method over the double digging method, as the soil is kept intact. Be sure you talk with your local gardening center to find out more on this method… even if it’s just to save your back.

If you ever become injured while working in the garden, you may need some type of physical therapy treatment. This involves stretching, massage and rehabilitative exercises, which can ensure your back in the garden before you know. For more information about physical therapy visit Bethesda Metro Physical Therapy.

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