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Getting Back to Normal with Physical Therapy After
An Auto Accident in Bethesda MD

Being involved in a car accident in Bethesda can be an extremely traumatic event. Not only are auto accidents traumatic, they happen in the blink of an eye and are always unexpected, and they can leave behind injuries that cause pain for the rest of your life. Fortunately, a licensed, professional physical therapist in Bethesda may be able to help alleviate problems and pain from auto accidents.

Injuries Accompanying Auto Accidents

When you’ve been involved in an auto accident, you may have injuries on your face, head, back and neck. If the accident is very severe, you may have suffered severe head injuries caused by concussive force; your seat-belt, while very useful for saving your life, might actually combine with the airbag’s split-second deployment to leave you with a concussion that can range from very mild to extremely serious.

Injuries affecting the back and neck are also common and the most likely injuries to be effectively treated by a physical therapist or chiropractor. Auto accidents often result in a neck injury known as whiplash, but more severe injuries such as cervical radiculopathy or injuries to your discs may also occur. During an accident, your back may become sprained or you may suffer injuries to your discs or lumbar spine. Lumbar radiculopathy may also result from some types of auto accidents.

How a Physical Therapist Can Help

For a few days after your accident, you may feel perfectly fine. However, even if you don’t feel any pain, it’s important to have yourself checked out by a physical therapist, chiropractor or other healthcare professional. Time is of the essence because the damage sustained by your joints, neck, back and spine needs to be assessed as soon as possible in order for treatment to attain maximum efficacy. A delay in care could result in long-term problems and lasting pain. Being seen quickly by a medical professional will also help you to establish your injuries in case your insurance company needs documentation.

When to Schedule Your Visit

Auto accident injuries may be very complicated and much more difficult to treat than a simple case of whiplash and aching back. If your accident was very severe, you may have sustained broken bones, shattered bones, damage to nerves or other injuries that have left you incapacitated for weeks, or even months. Even if you were unable to make use of a physical therapist just after your accident, you’ll likely need physical therapy if your injuries have left you weakened and in need of rehabilitation. Make an appointment as soon as you know you’ll need physical therapy so that you can get started healing as quickly as possible.

Final Thought

It’s important to get started on your physical therapy treatment program as soon as you can. Depending on how severe your injuries are, even a few days can make a huge difference in how well and quickly you heal.Visiting a physical therapist in Bethesda as soon as possible is essential for your health and well-being.

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"After several weeks of therapy I no longer have the knee pain and can now tie my shoes while kneeling, something I hadn't been able to do in quite awhile."

- Catherine

"Very good service and everyone are easy to work with. They are very personal. They will also see that your problem is well taken care of."

- Brenda

"I been coming here for 8 weeks now and sense the first therapy I feel less pain. They all work really hard at this office. With their help I know I will be the best I can be at the end. I recommend them!"

- Miguel

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