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Physical Therapy for Ankle Pain in Bethesda MD

Ankle injuries are one of the most common injuries among sporting and non sporting individuals. The most common injury to the ankle is known as a sprain; nevertheless ankle pain can be down to many factors, not just the common sprain, and physical therapy in Bethesda may be able to help.

Ankle pain caused by a physical injury are often considered as sports injuries. However, you don’t always need to be a sporting enthusiast or full time athlete to twist your ankle.

The most common cause of ankle sprains can be due to a simple stroll down the street, or even a walk in the park. Walking on an uneven footpath can quite easily cause a twisted or rolled ankle, which can often result in a somewhat painful sprain. Nevertheless, individuals of all ages are vulnerable to a sprained ankle, regardless of their health or fitness levels. Hundreds of thousands of people each year unfortunately sprain their ankle.

So now we understand that the most common type of ankle pain is often a sprain, there can also be other reasons as to why you could be experiencing pain in your ankle such as a fracture in the bone, a torn muscle or even stress on a tendon.

What are the symptoms of ankle pain?

Ankle tissue inflammation and pain often occur when an ankle is sprained. The blood vessels around the ankle begin to slowly leak and allow fluid to be released into the soft tissue surrounding the ankle joint. Inflammation around the injured area when white blood cells begin to migrate to the injury and the body’s blood flow in that location increases. The following are symptoms and possible signs of inflammation or a sprain:

Swelling – Swelling occurs when there is significant amounts of fluid in and around the damaged tissue. Swelling can often become severe dependent on the severity of the injury itself.
Pain – When walking or standing the pain around the ankle can begin to worsen when moved in a certain direction. This is dependent on which ligament has been damaged. Due to the injury sustained, nerves around the ankle become more sensitive and may create a painful throbbing sensation.
Redness and warmth – Redness and heat may be seen and felt around the injury, this is caused by an increased flow of blood to the area.

Most common causes of ankle pain:

Ligaments around the ankle can be injured or damaged when a significantly greater than normal force (pressure or stretching) is applied to them. This additional force most commonly occurs when the foot is positioned unnaturally such as being inverted or turned inward. This type of injury can occur in the following ways:

Placing the foot down awkwardly or in an unnatural position when stepping up or down, running, or during simple everyday tasks such as stepping out of bed.
Stepping on a surface that is uneven or irregular.
Sporting or physical events when a player steps on another.
Inversion injuries. This is when the foot rolls inward. This type of injury is surprisingly more common than than eversion injuries, in which the foot twists/rolls outward.

Arthritis in the ankle due to age, repetitive stress or injury can also cause ankle pain. Arthritis causes the space in the ankle joint to narrow, causing stiffness and pain with walking. A common symptom of arthritic pain in the ankle is moderate pain first thing in the morning that lessens as you move around and the muscles surrounding the ankle relax.

As you can see above, there are many common ways to create injury to your ankle, and this doesn’t just mean sprained ankles. It is fundamental to accurately diagnose exactly the cause of a painful ankle to ensure that you receive the correct treatment as quickly as possible to prevent any long lasting damage. This is why it’s important to see a professional physical therapist if you suspect your ankle pain is more than just a temporary episode.

There is a solution

With a direct and accurate assessment along with professional early treatment, the majority of ankle injuries respond extremely well and quickly to physical therapy. This allows you to quickly return to your normal daily life and activities, pain and stress free. Adopting the benefits of physical therapy can often be a cheaper alternative than countless amounts of over the counter or prescription pain relief and unnecessary, time consuming, trips to your doctor.

If you have ankle pain, or suspect that you have any of the above mentioned conditions, contact Bethesda Metro Physical Therapy Today!

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"After several weeks of therapy I no longer have the knee pain and can now tie my shoes while kneeling, something I hadn't been able to do in quite awhile."

- Catherine

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- Brenda

"I been coming here for 8 weeks now and sense the first therapy I feel less pain. They all work really hard at this office. With their help I know I will be the best I can be at the end. I recommend them!"

- Miguel

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