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Physical Therapy for Hip Pain in Bethesda MD

Pain and injury in the hip and joints is relatively common in individuals of all ages in Bethesda. The hip joint plays a very important role in connection with your pelvis and your lower back. Unfortunately due to all these connections to the hip, it can often make the location a very difficult region to correctly diagnose and assess any dysfunction within the hip.

Hip pain can be very easily treated once the correct diagnosis has been made by a physical therapist. This is often a cheaper and hassle free option than countless visits to doctors for medications or even surgery. Your physical therapist will spend all the time needed with you to ensure the cause of your pain is assessed correctly and accurately to discover if it’s an issue with your hip joint, nerves, muscles or even your biomechanics (the way you sit or walk).

Only after assessment, can your pain be correctly rehabilitated to help relieve pain and/or any joint dysfunction. Treatment received from a physical therapist in Bethesda can often prevent the return of hip pain in the future.

What are the symptoms of hip pain?

Depending entirely on the condition that is the cause of your pain, you may feel discomfort in these parts of your body:

  • Thigh
  • Groin
  • Inside or outside of the hip joint
  • Buttocks

It’s known for pain from other parts of the body, such as the groin or back (such as a muscle strain or disk herniation), can transport pain across to the hip. You may begin to notice that the pain in your hip worsens when taking part in high levels of activity, especially if the pain is due to arthritis.

Most common causes of hip pain:

Arthritis – The primary cause of hip pain is arthritis. Particularly osteoarthritis. This is due to everyday wear-and-tear that your hip joint goes through and is very common in older individuals. Pain of arthritis is mainly felt in your groin or the frontal region of your thigh. This is primarily due to swelling or stiffness in the hip joint.
Lower back issues – Problems in the lower back, particularly disk herniations or nerve compression can cause pain that travels into the hip.
Tendinitis – There are an abundance of tendons around the hip region that connect the muscles to your hip joint. Overused tendons can become inflamed, especially during strenuous activities. The most typical cause of tendinitis, especially in runners, is known as iliotibial band syndrome and is caused by friction while running.
Bursitis – Another common cause of pain within the hip (typically in women) is known as bursitis. Tissue sacs filled with fluid called bursae, provide padding for the bony part of the hip that is the closest to the surface. Just like tendons, these sacs can usually become inflamed due to overuse or irritation and can cause pain when moving.

There is a solution

Typically, most conditions involving the hip joint are treated with only short term relief in mind, such as cortisone injections or even painkillers.

One of the differences that you will notice if you decide to seek help from a professional physical therapist is the thorough analysis as to why you are experiencing hip pain, rather than only treating your pain, like many doctors will do. If you don’t correct the issue or cause as to why you are vulnerable to hip pain or injury then it will be only a matter of time before your pain returns.

If you are experiencing hip pain, or suspect that you may have any of the above mentioned conditions,contact Bethesda Metro Physical Therapy Today!

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"After several weeks of therapy I no longer have the knee pain and can now tie my shoes while kneeling, something I hadn't been able to do in quite awhile."

- Catherine

"Very good service and everyone are easy to work with. They are very personal. They will also see that your problem is well taken care of."

- Brenda

"I been coming here for 8 weeks now and sense the first therapy I feel less pain. They all work really hard at this office. With their help I know I will be the best I can be at the end. I recommend them!"

- Miguel

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