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Physical Therapy for Neck Pain in Bethesda MD

Experiencing a stiffness or pain in the neck is extremely common. Sadly the symptoms that come with stiffness or pain can be debilitating and can affect your daily routine entirely. Whether it’s dull muscular aches, sharp stabbing pains, headache, or even the inability to fully move your head; the entire experience can be extremely frustrating. Nevertheless it can be very simple to solve in the majority of cases. Our Bethesda physical therapy team wrote this article to help provide the information you need.

There are an abundance of causes that create neck pain. It’s important to visit a professional such as a physical therapist, and allow them to make an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your pain. After doing so, appropriate and suitable treatment can be provided.

What are the symptoms of neck pain?

Pain and Stiffness

Pain and stiffness are the most typical symptoms of neck problems. It’s usual to feel pain in the middle or on both sides of you neck, but the pain may also stretch across to your shoulders or shoulder blades and even down to your chest.

If you experience tension headaches, the pain can often travel up to the back of the head, and usually behind your eye or even inside your ear. It can become painful to move and the muscles around your neck may feel tight, especially if you’ve sat for a prolonged amount of time in one place. Your neck may not twist or move as far as it would normally.

Numbness or Tingling

If you experience any numbness or tingling down your arm and fingers, this is usually caused by a trapped nerve in the neck.

Other Symptoms

If you experience a dizzy feeling when turning your head or looking up, this may be caused by your vertebral arteries becoming trapped or pinched due to changes (or movement) in the bones of the spine. This can lead to random and unexpected blackouts if the blood flow is significantly reduced.

Most common causes of neck pain:
Typically neck joints can become locked or stiff just like a rusty or worn hinge. The general wear and tear of the neck can cause the protective muscle around the area to spasm. The longer this problem exists, the harder it is to eventually cure. You may notice that your neck posture will alter, which then leads to straining of adjacent muscles and joints. With a mixture of all this going on in your neck, you eventually end up with neck pain.

In our office, the most common cause of neck pain we see is from poor posture as a result of sitting at a desk for long periods for work. Sitting for long periods, especially at a workstation that is not ergonomically correct, causes certain muscles of the neck and back to weaken, and other muscles to tighten. This creates a condition we call “postural syndrome” in which the body becomes permanently fixated in abnormal posture position. This creates tension and pain and may make it difficult to get through the work day.

Often times our new patients tell us that they just woke up with the pain one day and can’t think of a specific cause. While occasionally this is due to sleeping in a bad position, more often than not it is the cumulative result of other neck issues.

Arthritic changes in the neck are especially prevalent as people age, and are usually more noticeable in the lower part of the neck. Poor posture over long periods of time as well as prior trauma can make someone more susceptible to developing arthritis in the neck. In these instances, the disks, or shock absorbers of the spine, shrink and bone spurs develop which can compress the surrounding muscles and tissue and even cause pinching of the nerves.

Whiplash is another common cause of neck pain that is usually associated with an automobile accident. In these cases the head is thrust rapidly forward, then backward again causing a sprain and strain in the neck (no different than if you had sprained an ankle) . Surprisingly, these whiplash injuries can occur in both high speed AND low speed accidents.

There is a solution

Fortunately, there is a quick and long-term solution available for neck pain.

By visiting a physical therapist in Bethesda, the cause of your neck pain may be diagnosed and treated promptly by highly skilled professionals. Many individuals don’t know what to expect when first visiting a physical therapist. There are an abundance of gentle yet effective techniques readily available to help ease and aid prevention of neck pain in the future.

Nevertheless, here at Bethesda Metro Physical Therapy we understand that neck pain is not entirely down to joints or neck muscles. There is an abundance of information that we will analyze in order to correct the underlying cause of your neck pain.

If you are experiencing neck pain, or suspect that you may have any of the above symptoms, contact Bethesda Metro Physical Therapy Today!

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