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Physical Therapy for Shoulder Pain in Bethesda MD

Injury and pain within the shoulder is extremely common, and typically easy to treat. Your shoulder is one of your body’s most mobile and versatile of all your joints. Just think for a moment about how much your shoulder actually moves on a day to day basis.

The primary reason for this movement is down to a very small contact zone within the shoulder joint. Unnervingly this can mean that your shoulder is quite unsteady and unstable in comparison to your other joints. That is why your body’s shoulder muscles are so important to a normally and properly functioning shoulder.

In the majority of cases, if you are unfortunate enough to be suffering from pain within the shoulder it may be due to the muscles and tissue around the shoulder region are simply not strong enough or they may be uncoordinated.

Thankfully, both of these dysfunctions, weakness and incoordination, can be normalized after a professional and thorough assessment alongside injury specific exercises and physical therapy.

What are the symptoms of shoulder pain?

  • A joint that may appear deformed.
  • The inability to move your arm away from your body, over your head, or use the shoulder joint entirely.
  • Intense pain in and around the joint.
  • Sudden swelling around the shoulder region.

Most common causes of shoulder pain:

Shoulder pain is a typical problem with a number of different possibilities for its cause. Shoulder pain is usually a symptom of another underlying and undiagnosed problem. There are a number of reasons as to why you may be experiencing pain to you shoulder, some of which include:

  • Poor posture: Especially in those individuals who sit at a desk for long periods during the day.
  • Frozen shoulder: Known for being a very painful condition that can significantly reduce the movement in the shoulder joint and can usually prevent movement in the joint altogether.
  • Rotator cuff disorders: The shoulder rotator cuff is a tightly packed group of tendons and muscles that surround the joint of the shoulder and aid in keeping it stable.
  • Shoulder instability: Sometimes a shoulder joint can become unstable and may gain unusually large amounts of range and movement (this cause is known as hypermobility).
  • Acromioclavicular joint disorders: A particular type of condition, such as osteoarthritis can affect the acromioclavicular joint in a shoulder. The acromioclavicular joint is located at the top of the shoulder.
  • Osteoarthritis within the shoulder joints: This is especially prevalent in aging individuals or those individuals who have suffered an injury to their shoulder at some point in time in their life. Repetitive stress or acute injury cause instability in the shoulder which ultimately leads to the reduction of the normal joint space and bone spurs that can compress the surrounding tissue.
  • A broken (or fractured) bone: A broken collar bone or a fracture to the upper arm bone (humerus) can cause significant amounts of shoulder pain.

In a small amount of reported cases, pain located in the shoulder region isn’t always caused by a problem within the shoulder joint itself. The problem can unfortunately be in another region such as the neck. Neck pain can also be felt in other regions of the body such as the upper back and neck areas.

There is a solution

Many individuals in Bethesda seek medical treatment for shoulder pain, such as painkillers and ibuprofen. Home remedies often go to the lengths of using ice packs continuously to help reduce inflammation and aid in relieving pain. These are temporary methods of pain relief, but if you decide to seek out advice and treatment from a professional such as a Bethesda physical therapist. They can asses your diagnoses carefully and may even be able to aid in preventing any further recurrences.

If you are experiencing shoulder pain, or suspect that you may have any of the above symptoms listed above, contact Bethesda Metro Physical Therapy Today!

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"After several weeks of therapy I no longer have the knee pain and can now tie my shoes while kneeling, something I hadn't been able to do in quite awhile."

- Catherine

"Very good service and everyone are easy to work with. They are very personal. They will also see that your problem is well taken care of."

- Brenda

"I been coming here for 8 weeks now and sense the first therapy I feel less pain. They all work really hard at this office. With their help I know I will be the best I can be at the end. I recommend them!"

- Miguel

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